The Centre for Parrhesia is situated in the former offices of Agos and Hrant Dink.

It is - a space and time of interim: between this and that, between speaking and acting, reading and using, learning and unlearning - a space where fixed borders are questioned or rendered indiscernible, inoperative. It is a space for thinking how to become worthy of what we inherit as 'history' and what happens to us.

The Centre is maintained by the Society Of The Friends Of Parrhesia:

A society that desires the abolition of barriers and exclusions. 
A society that mixes languages and has Babel in its horizon. 
A society that accepts charges of self-contradiction and inconsistency.  
A society that understands reality as the staging of appearance as disappearance. 
A society that seeks to unsettle historical, cultural and psychological assumptions.  
Its enemies consist of those who foreclose on text or speech by cultural conformism or intransigent rationalism and reactionarism.  
Its friends desire a process of becoming, unfixing, unhinging, unworking, and uneven understanding.

everything will not show itself at first glance